Cry, the Beloved Country

Cry the beloved country: I need to compare and contrast at least 6 points from chapter 1 book 1 and chapter 1 from book 2

please help ASAP. HURRY PLEAEE

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Both of the chapters begin with the exact same introduction, the road that leads to Ixopo.

These two chapters provide insight to the characters of Kumalo and Jarvis, two very different men with the same desire.... to see the natives stay in the area. Kumalo wishes for the men to stay in their homeland because it's a part of their culture.... it defines who they are. In Book II, however, we see that Jarvis' desire to keep the native population in Ixopo is based upon his desire for labor.... he needs them to work.

In both of these opening chapters, we come to learn that the sons of each man drive the plot forward, and determine the men they will eventually become. In these chapters, we are given the foundation from which they will derive a new outlook on their country and its problems.


Cry, The Beloved Country

is there just one difference that kumalo wishes for the man to stay..... However Jarvis.....


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hello can u give more examples of differeces