Cry, the Beloved Country

CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY CHAPTER 21 !! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ASAP! Mr Aslan if your online plz help me!!!

PLEASE HELP ASAP AND MY OTHER QUESTIONS PLEASEE! Cry the beloved country chapter 21. After reading his sons manuscript, Jarvis picks up the book on Abraham Lincoln and opens it to Lincolnshire second inaugural address.
After reading it, Jarvis feels" with a sudden lifting of the spirit that here was a secret unfolding, at rack picked up again. There was increasing knowledge of a stranger. He began to understand why the picture of this man was in the house of his son..." Why is Jarvis excited to discover how his son was inspired by Lincolnshire words?

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This is an example of intertextuality between the narrative and the repeated references to Abraham Lincoln. Arthur Jarvis clearly revered Abraham Lincoln. It would seem that the writings of Abraham Lincoln inspired Young Arthur to undo or atone for the injustices done to blacks in South Africa. In his Second Inaugural Address, Lincoln uses allusion to the Bible to support his reasons for engaging in Civil War to abolish slavery. Jarvis Sr. is delighted to learn his son had such inspiration and noble aspirations. There is a sense that he died working for a cause that was noble and just.