Cry, the Beloved Country

contrast Jarvis' arrival in Johannesburg with Kumalo's

Chapter 18-21

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Kumalo's arrival by crowded train is chaotic and frightening for him,

"The train arrives in Johannesburg, where Kumalo moves gingerly through the crowds that swarm throughout the station. Outside the station, the rush of traffic terrifies Kumalo & he stands petrified on the sidewalk, unable to decipher the traffic lights. Speaking in a language Kumalo does not understand, a young man appears & offers to help Kumalo find his way to Sophiatown."

Jarvis's arrival in Johannesburg is pretty straight forward. Jarvis arrives by air. Jarvis meets John Harrison, the brother of Mary, the wife of the late Arthur Jarvis.Things are very organized. They eventually make their way to the lab where Arthur's body is.