Crime and Punishment

in what condition is ruzumikhin when he first meets raskolnikov's mother and sister? What does his behavior at this time reveal about him?

crime and punishment part three

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Raskolnikov is a man lost in abstractions and prone to fainting.

He continues to demonstrate his complete self-absorption as the anxiety that his guilt produces gnaws at his ability to maintain his composure. His thoughtless treatment of his mother and sister, whom he has not seen in three years and whom he knows dote on him, reflects his insensitivity. Razumikhin’s frank evaluation of his friend’s personality reinforces this impression of Raskolnikov’s misanthropy. Additionally, Raskolnikov’s inner turmoil comes closer to the surface in these chapters. Zossimov’s recognition of Raskolnikov’s recent obsessiveness demonstrates that Raskolnikov’s agitation is becoming increasingly visible, even to strangers such as the doctor. Raskolnikov’s fainting spell when his sister makes a remark about not having killed anyone is another sign that he lacks the self-control needed to avoid giving himself away. In the aftermath of a crime committed according to the dictates of his intellect, his emotions are finally starting to take control.