Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Arthurian Tradition as it relates to this book & what other people has written about this book?

I do not understand anything about Arthurian Tradition. I have to know what it is and how it applies to this book, and what other people have written about this and if I agree or disagree and give my reasons why. I am so lost. Any help would be appreciated. I have a very long paper to write. Thank you.

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There is a lot to Aurthurian tradition. They all have to do with, of coarse, King Arthur that also evolved into the general hero's quest. Even Star Wars follows a similar format. Some points include:

- fate that are predestined for the hero.The magician Merlin, who is living life in reverse and has therefore already experienced the future, knows that Arthur is to become King and save Britain from the Saxons.

-The Hero’s Origins

-The mentor/guide

-The quest


and so on. ...

A Connecticut Yankee derives its brilliance, its humor and its themes from one source: a juxtaposition of times and its attendant values. Just as the mythic King Arthur embodies his age, the age of romantic chivalry, Hank Morgan is a type figure of the nineteenth century man‹ "nearly barren of sentiment," freedom minded, shrewd and technocratic. Within this context several topics and themes recur. Check out my GradeSaver link, it should help.