Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

the killers is full of suspense and thareader expiriences horror "discus"

tha killers is critism on modern devolped American society do you agree

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The Killers

“The Killers” is a story that deals with the familiar Hemingway themes of courage, disillusionment, death, and futility. This was the landscape of the American psyche at the time. I think much of the suspense comes through language. "The Killers" uses language that is simple and repetitive, emphasizing both the intellectual simplicity of the characters and the suspense of the situation. The exchange of short, sharp phrases between the killers and the three occupants of Henry’s diner has been likened to the exchange of machine-gun fire, and the atmosphere of the story is much akin to that of the hard-boiled genre that was popularized both in print and in film during the 1940s. “The Killers,” indeed, was adapted for the screen three times beginning in 1946.