Communist Manifesto

"The executive of the modern state is but a committe for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoise" Is this true? Use 3 affairs of the whole bourgeoisie to support.

It could be a general statement.

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Sure, it's easy to argue that this is true. Do you want examples from current/contemporary times, or the world Marx wrote in? Either way, one example could be the way Reagen's policies - actually spending more than most presidents after him while actively opposing trade unions, which serve the proletariat - were lauded so highly. The redistricting that takes place under Republican committees in states so as to limit the effect that poorer voters can have on elections demonstrates how government power is used to support bourgeois interests. Thirdly, President Obama came into office touting the importance of environmental reform, and continues to make compromises so as not to hamper business, supporting the argument. The common affairs of the bourgeois is the accumulation of capital, Marx argues, and these are three examples to support that the executive is meant to protect that alone.