Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors Summary of Act 2

Act Two, Scene One

Adriana and Luciana enter and begin to discuss the fact that Antipholus of Ephesus has not yet returned home. Adriana is upset that her husband has so much liberty to do as he pleases, while she waits around for him. She then advises her sister Luciana to marry so that Luciana will have more power, rather than being a servant to her.

Dromio of Ephesus arrives and tells Adriana about his strange encounter with Antipholus. He recounts his conversation in a humorous manner, and then indicates that he was beaten. Adriana orders him to return and fetch his master. When Dromio protests that he will only be beaten again, Adriana starts to beat him until he leaves.

Adriana complains to her sister that she is abandoned by her husband, and that she desperately misses his love. She is convinced that Antipholus is seeing another woman, which explains his absence, and that she is no longer beautiful enough for him.

Act Two, Scene Two

Antipholus of Syracuse is waiting for Dromio of Syracuse, who soon shows up. Antipholus yells at him for playing such a mean joke on his master, and demands that he stop jesting with him. Dromio, knowing nothing of his master's encounter with the other Dromio, thinks his master is teasing him until Antipholus starts to beat him.

Dromio demands to know the reason for the beating, but is only more confused at his master's explanation. The two men then entertain themselves discussing balding men and hair loss in a jestful manner.

Adriana and Luciana arrive on stage, and Adriana mistakes Antipholus of Syracuse for her husband. She complains that he has been cheating on her, and asks him why he did not return with Dromio before. Dromio denies having ever seen her before, but Antipholus does not believe him given his previous encounter with Dromio of Ephesus. Adriana orders Dromio to guard the door, while she and Antipholus enter the house and eat dinner together.