Sir Thomas Wyatt: Poems

fill in this graphic to show how Malory uses other romance motifs.

Romance Motif: Romance Motif

Arthur story:?

Romance Motif:Wise old man

Arthur Story: ?

Romance Motif: Dream

Arthur Story:?

Romance Motif: Number3

Arthur story:?

Romance Motif: Magic

Arthur story: ?

Romance Motif: Tests of follower

Arthur Story:?

Romance Motif: Betrayal

Arthur Story:?

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Wise Old Man~ Merlin

"Magic is introduced in Book I as a reoccurring motif, particularly in the way Merlin uses it to: manipulate others; to disguise himself; to tell the future; and to travel great distances in a short amount of time. Merlin uses his manipulative craft to oversee not only the course of events, but also to plot out the eventual happenings within the story. On a literary level, this functions as storytelling. In the course of the story, it implies a type of fate and prophecy. Greatness is pre-ordained and needs only for that great man to grasp it."



The symbol of a magical sword, first introduced in Book I, continues to manifest in Book II as Balin wields a sword of power, the same sword that Galahad will one day win. The Round Table, a symbol of equality is juxtaposed against the startling imagery of King Reince’s coat of beards, and the tomb that Arthur built for the Kings of the North. These latter two stand for superiority and strength, whereas the table represents virtue.