Sir Thomas Wyatt: Poems

Discuss the significance of binary in the poem "They Flee From Me"

Identify and discuss in depth how binary is used as tool by the poet

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Binary is a form of poetry that begins with a line that is then dissected in the two lines that follow directly after. The second and third stanzas then follow suit. "They Flee From Me," is one of Wyatt's best poems. His use of metaphor is unequaled, and the significance of binary can be found in the style in which he answered his own questions. Metaphors are used to make you THINK. Wyatt's purpose in this poem in not to simply entertain the reader. Every vision and word has its own distinct purpose. He visually implores is to use our own memories (the feeding of birds) in direct relation to the kiss between a man and woman, and yet again when we realize the woman has already fleetingly disappeared and is nothing more than a moment is the mans life.