Cold Sassy Tree

Could it be true that Grandpa Blakeslee had a more deeply sensitive nature and love for his family than the people of Cold Sassy gave him credit for? Explain your position with examples from the story.

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Definitely, Grandpa was the patriarch and he acted as such. He was authoritative, but he also acted as teacher, especially in regard to Will. He was rough around the edges and a huge prankster, but he opened his home for church services and made sure that Camp had a proper burial even when it was refused by the church because of the nature of his death.

He looked out for his daughters and respected his wife. He came to love Miss Love, and because of their relationship, his relationships with everyone around him became softer and more loving. So yes, I believe he was far more sensitive and loving than the people in Sassy Tree gave him credit for.


Cold Sassy Tree