Chronicle of a Death Foretold

What it is the meaning of this particular passage:

"The judge's name didn't appear on any of them, but it was obvious that he was a man burning with the fever of literature. He had doubtless read the Spanish classics and a few Latin ones, and he was quite familiar with Nietzsche, who was the fashionable author among magistrates of his time. The marginal notes, and not just because of the colour of the ink, seemed to be written in blood. He was so perplexed by the enigma that fate had touched him with, that he kept falling into lyrical distractions that ran contrary to the rigour of his profession"

The bolded words are the ones that make no sense to me! Please help!

Why did the marginal notes look like they were written with blood?

What were the lyrical distractions?

Are there any literary devices here?

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