Charles Baudelaire: Poems

What is the diction of the poem "The Waste Land"

what is the language, does it create vivd expressions, does it connotations, denotation, or etymology.

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This question is akin to asking what is the spirituality in the Bible. The Wasteland is overflowing with vivid language and references that go from the ubiquitous to the arcane. I'll just suggest a few. The use of Tiresias, of Greek myth, gives the whole poem a mythic sense, so that even the modern scenes, like "A Game of Chess," seem to have a larger significance. There is a ton of irony - "April is the cruelest month," suggesting that the most fecund time is the ugliest - and grotesque descriptions. It's a huge question. I'd suggest posting the question in smaller chunks, asking about specific sections, or just skimming the poem ... you're sure to find vivid language that boasts a mythic air even as it describes grotesque situations.