Call of the Wild

What does this story suggest about the history of men and dogs? Specificly in chapter 4.

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Though Francois recognizes and respects the hierarchical structure of the dog society, his struggle with Buck reveals a barrier between the dogs and the humans. Francois does not understand the extent to which the dogs must be allowed to master themselves. When he succumbs to Buck and lets him take the lead position in the team lineup, he learns something about the relationship of man and beast, just as when Buck learned a lesson from the man in the red sweater. In this way, they struggle as two equals, Buck trying to communicate and Francois trying to understand. This scene also suggests that the humans are slightly deluded in their confidence of ultimate control. Just as Francois and Perrault were not able to protect their dogs when the wild huskies attacked, they now cannot master Buck. The club, which is the most powerful weapon available to humans, no longer has an effect, for Buck has learned how to get his way.