Call of the Wild

What do Bucks experiences over the course of the novel teach him about humans, his relationships with them, and his place in civilization and the wild

I have to write a summary based on this question. I need evidence to go with it, too.

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Buck evolves through several stages of human companionship. The judge keeps Buck as a pet in California. Buck trusts the judge but has a very superficial relationship with him. The Man in the Red sweater represents the "law of the club and the fang":Buck understands the cruelty and dominance of man. Buck realised positive relationships along his journey. First Francois and Perrault, then the Scotchmen, engaged him in meaningful relationships based on work, along with the rest of the dog team. Though Buck was sometimes tired and uncomfortable, he was fulfilled by his work. His relationship to John Thornton was obviously superior to these, and it was at its peak when he was able to work for John Thornton, fulfilled by his labor and inspired by his love. But, throughout these times, he was restless and knew something was missing.