Call of the Wild

Explain the relationship between what the yeehats do in the camp and what buck does in the woods chapter 7

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When Buck leaves the camp, he transforms into a thing of the wild. He delights in killing his own food. In search of more difficult prey, Buck attacks a wild moose. It takes Buck a day to separate the bull from his herd. Then he follows him for another three, never letting him rest or get a drink of water. His kill finished, and refreshed by two meals, Buck heads back to camp and to John Thornton.

As he gets closer to camp, he suddenly begins to feel that something very bad has happened. back at the camp, Buck finds disaster. Everyone has been shot and killed with feathered arrows. The Yeehats are gleefully dancing Three miles out he sees a fresh trail, and he becomes more cautious. Suddenly he comes across the body of Nig, an arrow sticking from his head. He passes another dog almost dead, and then he passes the body of Hans. He sees Yeehat indians dancing around around the wreckage of the camp.

Buck leaps at the indians, ripping open the throat of the chief, and keeps killing until the rest of the tribe runs away in terror. For a few moments, Buck pursues them, killing a few more as they attempt to flee. Buck sees Pete's body, and then he follows the scent to the lake, where he knows John Thornton's body lies. Skeet, loyal to the end, lies dead just by the lake. Buck sits and contemplates the ache in his heart. He feels a bit better only when he looks at the bodies of the men he has killed. He realizes that men are no match for dogs without their arrows, clubs and spears.