Call of the Wild

Describe how the party is equipped when it finally sets out for Dawson? What instinct or fear makes Buck refuse to get up when he is ordered to?

Call of the Wild Chapter 5 :) Thanks!

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Two men from the States, Charles and Hal, buy the dogs and the sled very cheaply. Neither man looks like he belongs. The camp is shabby and sloppy. There waits Mercedes, wife of Charles, sister of Hal. Buck watches apprehensively as they clumsily take down the camp, improperly rolling the tent, and loading up the sleigh unevenly. Two other men from a neighboring camp warn them that the sled is too heavy, but they will not listen. The team cannot move the sled. They are repeatedly whipped by Hal, as Mercedes cries over them. Buck does not like her, but tolerates her pleading pats. One day John Thornton warns the travelers that the ice is thin, and the trail is likely to drop out at any moment. Hal refuses to listen, and calls the team to order. Only the merciless lashing of his whip can make any of them rise. But Buck remains on the ground. Buck instinctually knows that crossing the ice will be disastrous. He also knows his handlers are inept fools.