Brave New World

What social and political developments predicted in Brave New World seem to have come true in our present society?

I know that in the US we live in a highly sexualized world which is predicted in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I'm just really need help finding other examples. If you can help, thanks in advance!

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Brave New World has eerily foreshadowed so much of how Western culture is today. Beyond genetic modification and in-vetro fertilization, there is the disturbing idea that everything is disposable. Everywhere, we are encouraged into mass consumerism. We are told to validate ourselves by what we buy. Everything is disposable so that we can buy more. Things are rarely fixed when they brake. Companies design them to brake and cost more to fix later on than it costs to buy a new one. In BNW consumerism is the main philosophy of the state. Even relationships are disposable. If a relationship is tough, simply get a new one. This theme is emphasized throughout BNW. Loyalties and emotional connections are replaced by the sex act. The ”feelies” represent the mass consumption of pornography that we have today. Emotion is taken out of the sex act leaving the act itself to be the end point of human connection.