Brave New World

o What is the message of brave new world and how does it relate to the world we live in today?

This is a question on my exam.

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One focus of this novel is the way in which technology can control society; obviously with the Internet and the use of all kinds of technology, we see this in the world today. There is also a focus on "consumerism" and the way in which materialistic people forget the "person" on the inside and rather prefer to focus on things. There is also the question of what "drugs" (soma) can do to people as they may change a person's perception of reality - we could make the point that today's reality show are a kind of "drug" that pervert the reality of the average, everyday life. Finally, there is the question of what happens in a society in which the government has too much power. As we watch government intrude into every corner of American life, there are those who would question exactly how much government is too much government.