Brave New World

In chapter 13 in brave new world what conflicts affect John and Lenina in this chapter ? How are they related?

Brave new world.

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Lenina has a strange new sense of monogamy: she only wants to sleep with John. John, on the other hand, wants nothing of Lenina's crass sexual aggressiveness. Lenina goes to his room strips off her clothes and trying to kiss him, a natural reaction given her cultural upbringing. John, however, reacts first with shock and then with rage. He screams, "Whore, impudent strumpet," and he flings her away. While John tries to slap her, Lenina runs into the bathroom and shuts the door. She begs him to return her clothes and belongings. The phone rings and John answers. Learning that Linda is sick, John rushes out of the room, leaving the terrified Lenina in his room.