Brave New World

How does John’s mother, Linda, respond when she sees Bernard and Lenina? What has life on the Reservation been like for Linda?


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Bernard and Lenina meet Linda, John's mother, who rejoices at seeing civilized people again. She complains that there is too much dirt and that she has to drink mescal (alcohol) and use peyote, a hallucinatory drug, in place of soma. She describes how she ended up on the reservation and pregnant with John even though she took all precautions with the Director. Although Lenina feels disgusted by Linda, she feels forced to listen. Linda explains that she used to let all the men come to her for sex, as civilized people should, but that all the other women got mad. She also struggled to condition John to the ways of civilized society but apparently failed. She concludes that John spends too much time with the Indians to become truly civilized. She describes the Indian way of life as madness and longs for the comforts and cleanliness of civilization.