Brave New World

Contrast John’s admiration of Lenina with the Arch-Community-Songster’s attitude towards her (178). What detail suggests that Lenina is beginning to mind being treated like a “piece of meat?” cys she does not want to see the songster but has no chose

brave new world

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John's admiration with Leila is based on something more than primal lust. He seeks to know the person and to find her poetry rather than simply have sex with her. Leila of course cannot comprehend these feelings but, not having him, allows her to examine explore emotions of unrequited love. The Songster's attitude to Leila is based on lust and carnal desire. Ordinarily Leila expects and accepts sex with the Songster but her experience with John makes her not want to acquiesce o the Songster's advances: she has to take more Soma to go through with the act.