Bluest Eye

Note all the images of poverty, barrenness, and death that fill the first three paragraphs. Explain how these images might clue us into the state of the Black community in 1941 America. What was America like then? How were black Americans treated?

In the Book The Bluest Eye

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From the novel's first three paragraphs, we can infer that the black comunity in the text is suffering from poverty. White children do not play with black children or invite them into their homes. Black children are hungry, proud, and angry.

Lack of work is an issue, parents bring their children along to glean the remains of abandoned coal at Zick's Coal Company.... they need to stay warm. Homes are neglected and infested.... children are neglected as well. Parents are worried about provisions.... surviving. The children are secondary and must learn to take care of themselves.


Bluest Eye