Blood Relations


  • Abigail Borden, the step-mother of Lizzie.
  • Andrew Borden, Lizzie's father, owner of the property.
  • Dr. Patrick, Lizzie's closest ally in the play.
  • Emma Borden, older sister.
  • Harry Wingate, Lizzie's step-uncle and the catalyst for her decision to murder her parents. He arrives at the Borden home to convince Lizzie's father to sign away ownership of the family farm to his wife, Harry's sister. This means that Lizzie's hold on the estate is in danger.
  • Lizzie Borden, the play's central character.
  • The Actress, a friend of Lizzie's and, by all appearances, her lesbian lover.
  • Bridget Sullivan, the Borden Household Irish maid, Lizzie's friend

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