Bless Me, Ultima

Describe the emotional tone of the visit to El Puerto, and what it says about the characters.

Located in Chapter 5 to be specific.

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When Antonio goes to El Puerto to help with the Luna harvest, however, he is immediately thrust back into the pressure of the expectations of his family. His Luna uncles describe him as the one last hope for a priest in their family, and Antonio cannot help but feel the obligation to follow their path. Since his brothers have proven to be too Marez in blood to be a Luna, Antonio is expected to make up for their shortcomings; in other words, the Lunas feel that they are owed one of Maria’s sons and, since the elder three have resisted, Antonio is the only remaining possibility for them. This conflict also highlights Antonio’s understanding that his brothers may have already lost of innocence when his Luna uncles assert that Antonio is the only brother not yet “lost.”