I’m not happy with krishna’s Advice to Arjun on the battle field with regards to Arjun having to carry out his duties as a warrior.

Arjun is philosophically adviced to detach his human emotions, his mercy and his positive affections as a human being to take on his duties at hand . I’m not happy about Krishna’s advice to Arjun, telling him to not worry about the consequences. Arjun is faced with an enemy that consists of his immediate family, especially when Arjun has said that he does not care about the fact that his brother can not sit on the throne. Why does Krishna pressure him so much.

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This is mythology so the ethical implications of the Gods are not always held to the modern ethical implications. I suppose there is a job at hand that needs to get done. This is a battle and there is no room for emotional reactions. Ethics and value systems usually differ from modern collective ideas of "good" and "bad".