describe how the teaching of Gita apply to modern yoga practioner

gita applys to modern yoga practioner

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I'm no Yogi but I'm pretty familiar with my Hindu Gods. The Gita has very little to do with actual yoga physical practice. From a moral perspective the Gita instructs on how to live a clean life which, I've been told, serves as a foundation for yoga. Certainly the practice of meditation can be shared in both.

dear friend,it is a good question.actually gita does't apply on modern yoga practitioner n meditationer.saints knows about brahmnirwan while only God say about yog i.e.''yogi bhava arjuna"...gita-46/06.inspite of efferts itdepends upon an independent may be said as mercy of God.a person who h asattained brahmnirwan can effert to be yogi of gita.efferts get start from gita... 01/06.result will be positive because it is the version of God.


Source(s): prabhu-prasad shrimadbhagwadgita