Why did Beowulf come to Herot? How did he know of the trouble? Where does he come from? How do the people from his own country feel about his coming? Why would his people feel as they do? What element of paganism appears in this decision?

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Beowulf comes to Herot because he wants the glory of killing Grendel to rid the Danes of the monster. Beowulf wants to test his skill and bravery against a monster adversary.

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The news of Hrothgar's troubles are brought to King Hygelac of the Geats by Danish sailors:

This heard in his home Hygelac's thane,
great among Geats, of Grendel's doings.

I think the people of Geatland may have felt vulnerable without Beowulf because they were threatened by their neighbors to the North. They might have been supportive because Grendel, and monsters like him, were a direct link to their Pagan beliefs.