List 3 details quotes or phrases that shows that Grendel is supernatural. What effect does this have on the men in herot? Why is this important?

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Then a powerful demon, a prowler through the dark,
nursed a hard grievance. (86- 91)

he had dwelt for a time
in misery among the banished monsters,
Cain's clan, whom the creator had outlawed
and condemned as outcasts. (99-107)

All were endangered; young and old
were hunted down by that dark death-shadow
who lurked and swooped in the long nights
on the misty moors; nobody knows
where these reavers from hell roam on their errands. (157- 160)

The men of Herot were truly afraid of Grendel. They took their Pagan beliefs seriously:they felt they were fighting the metaphysical.