the description of Sethe's murder of Beloved is told over the course of three chapters and from three different perspecitves. from whose perspective is each chapter told, and what is each character's response to sethe's killing her child? (prt1: chp15-18)

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"Beloved, she my daughter. She mine." The next four chapters are stream of consciousness, the first in the head of Sethe, the second in Denver's head, the third in Beloved's, and the fourth a mixture of all three. The end of the nineteenth chapter provides the setup, when it says that among the voices that Stamp Paid heard but did not recognize were the voices of the women of 124, voices formed from their unspeakable and unspoken thoughts. Sethe begins by claiming the returned ghost as her own daughter, and insists that she does not need to explain herself because her daughter has come back of her own free will. Denver reminds us that she swallowed Beloved's blood along with her sister's milk, and that the sound of her ghost restored her hearing.Denver feels it is her responsibility to protect Beloved should Sethe try to kill the girl again. Beloved lays claim to her mother, remembering her face. She insists she is not separate from her and that "there is no place where I stop." Her mind does not wander to the past, but insists that she is in a timeless present: "All of it is now it is always now there will never be time when I am not crouching and watching others who are crouching too" .

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