If a society is prevailed with slavery and its corruptions, how can you describe this society, in other words what is the effects of slavery in the American sociert as a whole? support with references, please.

the effects of slavery on the society as a whole

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Asla already provided you with this link, but if you haven't taken a look, it's worth it..............


here's another worth looking at.........


Tell me, I know you're paper has to do with your coursework, and ther novel Beloved. What exactly is it that your instructor is looking for in your research.

I read the post before this, and Like Aslan said your topic (all slavemasters being evil) is very complex. All slavemasters were not evil, they weren't all abusive and cruel. Go back to classes you've taken in World History and what you learned about slavery, take a look at the Old Testament, Ancient Rome, ect. ect.

If your paper is attempting to debate the "evils" of slavemasters, I can see why you're looking to "prove" your stance on "evil," but the fact is............. that's not a true statement.

My paper should be about the image of the slave master in slave narrative (autobiographies) and contemporary neo-slave narratives written by African American writers, how they are represented in both narratives, but till now I do not know what to conclude about slavery through these narratives I mean the aim of Morrison and williams in Dessa Rose .

By the way I want to thank you for your great help (jill d #170087)

you know, I am really lost, I have many articles, many papers, many resources but I dont know how to start and above all I do not have much time!

All I can tell you is to use the sources you have; use the sudy guides available to you here; go over and read gradesaver's study guide on Frederick Douglas' narrative.

This is a short answer forum, and this particular forum is only supposed to pertain to the above novel. I wish I could help, but I think you're expecting information here that we can't provide.