I want to prove that every slave master was sick, evil, coward, sick in his mind and spirit, just like the master in Dessa Rose, schoolteacher in Beloved, Dr. Flint in Jaccob's narrative, and Mr Auld in Douglass's narrative. Can do help me in that ? pleas

every slave master is evil

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This is a complicated question. We need to consider that slavery, in some form, has been around since man has been here. Indeed, it continues to this day. So, what makes these people sick? Control, humiliation of others, power....seems to be inherent in human nature. Certainly the cultural context of the time encouraged this behaviour but these people found some sort of reinforcement in treating other human beings in the way they did. I would question the human condition rather than these specific people.

They are sick in their pride, in their crulity and mercilessness, in being immoral that is what I mean sick

How can we prove that it continues to this day? as you mentioned

Slavery manifests itself everywhere today. Consider young prostitutes in places like Cambodia or Thailand who are forced to sell their bodies. Consider child soldiers in African countries forced to fight wars. Consider child labour all over the world where children are forced to make products for next to nothing. The white slave trade of women from Eastern Europe is alive and well.

yes, all that is great and right, but what about the united states of America and the conditions of blacks there, are they still suffering from the heritage of slavery till now, and was that Morrison's aim of re-witing their history?

Again, this is a difficult and contentious question. Can we really prove that black poverty and disenfranchisement today is related to the slave trade? If you argue that it is, you better have some real data and researched reasonings. Of course, I don't have that. The question of pressures faced by aboriginal cultures today being directly related to the reservation system is similar? Can you prove that alcoholism prevalent in some aboriginal cultures are related to their ancestors being treated like garbage by the white man? Similarly, can the high crime rate amongst some black male youth be attributed to the slave trade? THe questions are far too complex to give a simple answer.

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