‘In part one, Briony is poised on the brink of adolescence, and is beginning to shun childish activities.’ Discuss this statement in relation to Briony’s character in Part One of Atonement.

Briony’s desire for drama.

•Briony’s desire to be centre of attention.

•Briony’s fashioning immature narratives out of reality.

•Briony’s interpretation of and reaction to the fountain and balcony scenes

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When Briony encounters something really "adult" related to sexual maturity, she is upset (because she has a crush on Robbie) and disgusted at the same time because she finds what he has written to her sister completely inappropriate; she does not understand his words at a mature level and creates reactions which are totally not based in the reality of the adult world. She ruins Cecelia's life simply because she is immature, characteristic of what is written in this question.