As You Like It

what would you have done if you were in orlando's place in ac1 scene1 of as you like it

how to solve the problem

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of course i would have been upset and angry that because of some rule the eldest son gets everything and the youngest just gets a meager sum. i dont know if i would have hired someone to kill him but i guess when you are consumed with greed anything is possible.


as you like it

I'm not sure there is much Orlando could do. Oliver has the inheritance and there was not any court that could help him. I don't think I would have lunged at my brother; I would have probably lost the fight! Much of what happened back then were plays for power. I suppose I would try to find some powerful allies, more powerful than the Duke's wrestler, and start a rumour or two about Oliver. I guess I could also hit him over the head with something heave, like a really big Bible, when Oliver was not looking; that’s probably not a good plan.