As You Like It

What is the mportance of the character Oliver in As You Like It?

Please describe the importance of Oliver in the play "As You Like It" like how did the character help in plot development of the play. The content is to be written in my English Project. Please hurry!

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Oliver is the initial antagonist in the play. He dislikes his brother Orlando for no apparent reason. He cuts Orlando off from his inheritance and tries to ensure his downfall. This spurs the action of Orlando's retreat into the forest of Ardene. Once in the forest a series of events take place, common to Shakespearian comedies, that eventually finds resolution. Oliver functions as the point of beginning for the main conflict and helps define the other main characters of the story. We see, for example, that Oliver seems to have the opposite characteristics as Orlando. Orlando also functions part of the transformation of both plot and character, partly by the forest, by the end of the play.

oliver is an antagonist in the play as you like it