As You Like It

Bring our the humour and wit in the conversation between Rosalind and Celia regarding Fortune and Nature in Act I Scene 2

I require this question for my project.The answer should be of atleast 800 words.

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I can't write this for you but consider their "game" of falling in love. Rosalind agrees to try and be happy and proposes playing games such as pretending to fall in love.Touchstone, a clown, enters and cuts their conversation short. He tells Celia that her father wants to see her. She makes him provide some witty entertainment, playing with words until he states, "The more pity that fools may not speak wisely what wise men do foolishly" (1.2.72-73). Le Beau, a courtier to Duke Frederick, arrives and the two women joke that he will force them to listen to news.