As You Like It

Act 1 scene 3 related question!

Rosalind: No, some of it for my child's father:

O, how full of briars is this working-day!

Celia: They are but burrs, cousin,throw ...................our very petticoats will catch them

1. What has Celia asked her to do just before this extract?

2. What has Rosalind replied about two cousins being laid up?

3. What does all this advice tell us about Celia as an individual?

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Celia asked Rosalind why she looks so down. Rosalind says she doesn't even have words to express herself, words worth throwing at a dog. Rosalind says something like "well throw them at me then". Rosalind continues the metaphor of words as stones and says they would be both laid up then,

"Then there were two cousins laid up, when the one should be lamed with reasons and the other mad without any."

Celia loves to play with words and is very aware of their role as women in a man's world. She truly loves her cousin and will do anything for her.

Does this make sense to you?

1) Celia has asked Rosalind to speak to her.

2) She replies that if she were to speak, two cousins would be laid up....... one because she's been hurt, and the other because she's gone crazy without reason.

3) Cecelia is very emotional, but she's also dedicated to Rosalind and stands behind her at all times. She follows Rosalind into exile without hesitation and is loyal beyond expectations.


As You Like It

What does Celia mean by "lame me with reasons "?


As you like it act 1 scene 3