As I Lay Dying

Writers often use natural surroundings in their novels to convey meaning , tone , or psychological depth to the characters.

Identify one example and briefly describe what they represent

(in Section 34) I want to choose the example "River"

it imply poverty and tragedy of their life....??????

the following is summary of the section

Darl and Cash bring the wagon to the water’s edge. Jewel is still on his horse. Tull, Anse, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman have already crossed to the other side.

Cash proposes several ideas re: crossing the river. Jewel turns all of them down and insists that they just get this over with already, sans clear thinking and logical plans. On his horse, he crosses the river and pulls Cash, Darl, and the wagon behind him with a rope.

Jewel and his horse head into the river, guiding Cash, Darl, and the team with a rope. (Darl is inside the wagon, while Cash is outside guiding the team.)

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I think you are looking for a metaphor here. The obvious one is the struggle against the river's current. We might see this as the struggle of people to overcome the current of poverty that is constantly pulling them down.