Around the World in 80 Days

Why Verne's novel Around The World in 80 Days has been confirmed to be his best works?

No one could ever doubt that it is absolutely genious & amazing, but why it's considered to be the best work for the author? I need a strong explanation please.

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The idea of traveling around the world in a certain amount of time was popular, and other writers had written about it before, dating back all the way to Greek traveler Pausanias writing "Around the World" around 100AD. An Italian traveler named Gemelli Careri also wrote a book in 1699 called Voyage Around the World, providing very detailed accounts of civilizations outside of Europe. In 1872 Thomas Cook set out on a journey around the world that took seven months, and documented it in a series of letters. This was just one year before Verne's novel was published, and likely provided some influence.