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What are the W.B Yeat’s personal myths as revealed in “The Second Coming” ?

I do not able to understand what kind of myth Yeat use in the poem. would you please help me to do the work ?

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The poem focuses on the story of the second coming of Christ as if it were a repeat of the original nativity in Bethlehem. The poem, written after the end of World War I, seems to envision a world where innocence is lost and every "normal" action and activity are coming apart. Personally, it seems that he was worried that the end of World War I signaled a horrible fate for Europe and a future which would not be joyous the way the first nativity of Christ had been. The fact that the poem ends with "slouching towards Bethlehem" and indicates that a beast is to be born signifies an entirely negative look at the world at the time.

What poem?