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Would thus essay help my admission decision to Howard?

The show is almost at its climax. The lights are low, but the energy in the auditorium is at an all time high.The crowd is excited, and everyone on stage is feeding off the crowd's energy tonight. I’m backstage, hearing the cheering of the crowd and the band playing the beginning of my song— Lauryn Hill’s Ex- Factor. My heartbeat rises as my adrenaline kicks in, and I’m waiting to hear my cue. My friends back stage are trying to calm me down seeing that I was nervous, but couldn’t get through to me. Not because I didn’t want to listen, but because I couldn’t hear them. I was too focused on wanting this performance to be the best it could be than hear their words. That’s when I hear my first cue. I walk into the opening of the curtains and the crowd instantly reacts. Cheers and screams of my name fill the scene, and instantly those butterflies go away and I’m filled with something else. Something that makes me feel warm and safe like I just made it in the house from a Cleveland snow storm. My second cue starts and I start the classic R&B song: “It could all be so simple..” the crowd gets louder, and I feel weightless with the microphone in my hand. The energy from the audience is transferring to me. The song is almost over and I feel at an all time high. All of the hard work and dedication my friends and I put into making this scene and the show a success is now paying off. In this moment, I found where I was meant to be— on stage. Growing up I was always an energetic child, always looking for something to do. Even being like that, I could never find something to satisfy my thirst for creativity until I found music. When I was eight my Mom put me in our church’s junior gospel choir. Every Saturday at 12 o'clock I would practice with all of the kids in my Sunday school, and from the first day I fell in love, and I couldn’t wait to go back. From there, it moved to my school’s choir, and from there I auditioned for Vocal Ensemble, and my school’s show choir. Not only did I find my love for music I found my love for performing and making my own music well. I believe with all my heart that I have found what I was put on this Earth to do. Without music, I don’t know what I would be. Music has wrapped itself around me like vines and is never letting go because I am not myself without music anymore. Music is me.

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Can you imagine your future being determined by a 500-word essay? Well, that’s how it is when applying to a college. Although there are other factors to worry about a college admission essay can make or break your future. This is the essay that you should try to perfect.

If essay writing is not your strength don’t worry. Everything you need to know about writing an essay you already know.

Organize your content

Admission essays allow the college or university to know more about you. However, it is not an autobiography or a resume. Depending on the essay question or topic, you have a focus on a particular aspect of your life.

To say that content is paramount is an understatement. Remember that you only have 500 words to show who you are. As such, generic and vague is not something you want. Instead, incorporate substance and meaning. Infuse your college admission essay with facts and opinions. Furthermore, it is essential that you highlight personality, values and views. So don’t rush into writing your essay. Every word must be placed chosen and placed in the right place.

Learn from others

College application is made simpler with all the tools available. Moreover, learning how to write an essay for admission to college becomes easier with the Internet. You can effortlessly search for college admission essay examples even get essay topics. Of course these college application essays are just guides.

Look into the style, the content and even the structure to learn how to write an essay that will get you into college. Remember that admission to college requires knowledge and skills. So use every tool to expand and deepen what you already know.

Another important advice is to listen to others who have gone through the task of writing a college admission essay. Your parents, brother, sister, relatives and friends can offer valuable insights about college application essays. Likewise, your teachers and professors can point you to the right direction.

So start talking to people about their college admission experiences. More importantly, learn from them!

The truth is, writing a college entrance essay is just like other essay writing tasks. However, the stakes may be a bit different. You have what it takes to write exemplary work. Writing an essay for college admission is easy if you remain faithful to what you have learned in school.

Make your grammar teacher proud

Your essay’s grammar and language will be scrutinized. So make your elementary language teacher proud. Pay attention to your sentence structure. Although active voice is recommended, there will be times when you need to use passive voice to emphasize certain parts of your sentence. Therefore plan every sentence like your future depends on it – actually it does. Be wary of your grammar, spelling, punctuation marks even the words that you will use. Of course there’s no need to impress by using highfalutin words. In fact, when used improperly it might be counterproductive.

Check, check and check some more

Also, proofread your work and when you’re done, go over it again. Ask someone else to read it and comment on your work. This way, you get different points of views. Use free online proofreading sites to check your essay. Check for grammar issues, readability and even spelling errors. College admission essays are important so exhaust all means to avoid mistakes.

Simple tips to improve your essay

Use F7 and Shift + F7 in MS Word to improve your work

Use free online grammar and spelling checkers

Have some read it and comment on your work


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