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In matched by Allie condie, how is cassias world similar/ different than ours?

Please provide paragraph answers if ur able to. Thanks

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This one is quick........ Cassia's job is to sort information; paper sorting, filing, alphabatizing. Her favorites work tasks are sorting sentences and pictures; she also enjoys word association. There are all types of jobs in which you'd use this skill, although we'd most likely do it with computers. My understanding is that the Society has eliminated them. Uh-oh!


I am so sorry...... I read your question wrong. Cassie's world would have been far different than the world we live in because our world is SO technology based. Picture a life without cellphones, computers, iPhones, and everything else we use on a daily basis.

There aren't mant similarities except for work, family, relationships, and so on. But even relationships would be different because couples are matched.