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How would you redeem Prospero? The "Masque of Red Death" by Edgar Allen Poe?

Please give me the answer with in 300 words.

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I don't know if it's possible to redeem Prospero. The story is a short one, and Prospero doesn't possess any redeeming qualities........... that's makes this tough. He worships Satan; so does his wife. He is an evil Prince, cruel to his people, and even on the occasion in question, instead of accepting the old woman's words and the peasant's reactions he baits them.

The old woman has come back to the village with a message from a hooded man in the woods. The message she passes along to the villagers is that the day of their deliverance in close at hand. The message incites a few of the villagers to reject the Prince's annual feast day and the leftover scraps of the meal he feeds his nobles. The Prince then orders the death of the two men who are vocal in their feelings.

In the end, the mask of red death comes to the village. Prospero tries to escape it, but even his master the devil doesn't save him from the fate he's destined for. I don't think that his staying the sentence of the two men, or even freeing Francesca would have changed his fate. He had already sealed it long before.


Masque of Red Death