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how does media effect on sex-role conditioning in the society?

please give me the answer with in 500 words.

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Every waking moment we are subjected to gender-role conditioning in society. Roles are reinforced through every media one can imagine. From TV to the internet to magazines and massive Victoria Secret billboards, gender conditioning is inescapable. Much of it has to do with marketing products. Women are told that their ultimate power lies in their sex-appeal and ability to entice the opposite sex. The ideal woman thus has a narrow window of opportunity or no opportunity at all to conform to the illusion that is reinforced. Their insecurities translate into massive sales of beauty, weight loss and a myriad of other "life affirming" products. Males increasingly have to contend with similar issues. Not only physical strength but the perception as uber-provider has become increasingly important. That's my quick take on this, hope it helps a little.