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How does beauty man and woman effects on the contemporary society?

please give me the answer within 300 words.

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I'm going to answer this just for fun. As a middle school teacher I see the effect of beauty on contemporary society every day. Seeing that you've asked about men and women, I am going to assume you mean a person's physical beauty. So if you're looking for inner beauty you will be extremely disappointed.

In middle school, beauty becomes everything although it's a slow transition. My very sweet young girls usually stop eating lunch first. Don't however make the mistake of believing this is a weight loss technique though, because in my experience it's not. They have simply become attuned to the fact that they're supposed to be thin........... they go home and eat double.

Middle schoolers also become obsessed by celebrity. It's all about magazine covers, the new hit musicians, the newest films, and the newest video games. Pictures appear in their lockers; they color their hair and cut it accordingly; they buy scads of make-up and put it on the wrong way........... not long after they switch up their friends, and it's then that the little cliques begin to form and the trouble starts.

The boys are different. They're always a bit cleaner, they buy new clothes, and they 'moon' after the girls.

Contemporary society idealizes beauty, but it's often the illusion of beauty rather than the real thing. Society bases these ideals on what the 'media' tells them to base it on. These changes are sometimes in your face and sometimes subtle, but nonetheless we live in a media based society.

I know this was too long and from a single perspective of a specific age group, but I've given you my initial response to the question. Hope it helps with whatever you're working on!