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How does multivesicular liposomes work?

Function about multivesicular liposomes Hi, I'm wondering how multivesicular liposomes work? who can tell me detailed information? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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The unique feature of the multivesicular system, a microscopic spheroid with discontinuous internal aqueous chambers bounded by a continuous, non-concentric network of lipid membrane, render a higher aqueous volume-to-lipid ratio and much larger particle diameters compared to unilamellar or multilamellar vesicular systems. The architecture of multivesicular liposomes allow encapsulating drugs with greater efficiency, provide improved structural stability, and ensure a better controlled and prolonged release of drugs. There are many favorable characteristics of exploiting multivesicular liposomes technology: Firstly, multivesicular vesicles compose synthetic analogues of natural lipids which makes membrane bilayers biocompatible and bio-degradable; Robust structural stability due to its non-concentric architecture and neutral lipids composition, It can achieve high drug loading with high drug recovery based on its large diameters (1-100µm) and trapped volume; Multivesicular liposomes provides a controlled, sustained release drug delivery over hours to weeks by manipulation of lipid and aqueous composition.