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what is the language of "spoon feeding" by W.R.Inge?

elaborate it clearly please

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The language of "spoon feeding" includes all of the things in modern society that enable us to achieve without work, and thus, leave us unchallenged, lazy, indifferent, and undisciplined.

"Spoon feeding" can be found in our excessive use of technology; we text instead of talking; we socialize on a computer rather than face to face; we don't write, we type; we don't walk or even ride bicycled...... we drive cars a few blocks; we don't cook, we warm up.

Inge sees this "spoon feeding" in a negative light. He sees lives which are devoid of challenges, a huge loss in necessary skills, and a distinct lack of the use of our brains. Ironically, this essay was written in 1903. I wonder what he would think of the society in which we live.

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