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The Pit and The Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe

**********The cell heats up further and begins to flatten into a narrowing diamond so that the narrator will eventually be forced into the pit. The narrator clings to the heated walls but is ultimately forced to the brink of the pit and screams in despair. As he is about to fall in, however, he hears voices and trumpets as the walls return suddenly to their normal shape. Having just led the French army into Toledo and beaten back the forces of the Inquisition, General Lasalle rushes in and catches the fainting narrator by the arm before he falls into the pit

What is the event and the setting in the above?

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This is just at the climax of the story. The setting is still the dungeon. The man has just freed himself from the board but the walls close in, He is finally saved at the last second. That's the event.