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****The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe

**** The narrator then decides to cross the center of the room, moving with increasing confidence until he fortuitously trips and lands prone at the edge of a circular pit. By dropping a stone from the masonry at the edge of the pit, he discovers that the pit is very deep and filled with water at the bottom. He hears a door closing and realizes that he has narrowly escaped his death.

Can you please visualize a character for this stage of the story, with details of the character.

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He sees the outlines of the room. He panics and trips. He sees the pit, it extends downward. He sees the dim reflection of wate. It sparkles and in it he sees something swinging. It is long and sharp, the reflection of death. He hears a door close. He catches the faint glimmer of light as the door shuts. The light is life and the darkness is death.

I think this character would be someone very frightened once he tripped. He starts with confidence, but once he trips, he realizes that he has little hope since he just escaped death. He cannot see well in the darkened room, but he finds that he has other things to look forward to.

I am not sure what you want here - tall, short, happy, sad - any character should be based on the information that has been given before.