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"the most dangerous game" by Richard Connell question

characterization chart w/ 5 textually supported inferences specific to protagonist and 5 textually supported inferences specific to the antagonist.

static/flat character with text support of intended stereotype paragraph form

dynamic/ round character: with text support of explanation off dynamic growth. (paragraph form)

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I can help you with some of this because there is only so much space here. Rainsford is a flat character although some say he is dynamic . This is what we call an "escape story" meaning it is only written for entertainment purposes. Most escape stories have superficial protagonists who are flat characters. They only have a few traits that are usually positive. All we know about Rainsford is that he is a famous big game hunter, he is fearless, he is good looking....Some argue that he changes as a person when he is being hunted and some argue there isn't enough evidence of this change That's up to you.

ok thank you

No worries!